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The members of the Catholic School Office Community have publicized their beliefs and upheld the distinctive purposes for which each Catholic school exists.


  • that the philosophy and goals of each Catholic school, achieved in the setting of a Faith community, must be more effective, more enriching, more enduring, than that which can be defined as policy or regulation.
  • that each Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Boston must be aware that its purpose for existence is rooted in the mission of the Church.
  • that each Catholic school, in fulfilling its role within the educational mission of the Church, must share and live out, through Catholic Christian tradition the message of Jesus Christ.
  • that each Catholic school, in sharing the message of Jesus Christ, must render a profound service to today’s society, through commitment to Catholic values, the Catholic moral code and academic excellence.
  • that each Catholic school participating in the service mission of the contemporary Church, must unfold in its teachings, must manifest in its relationship, must reflect in its active concern for justice, the nature and demands of the Social Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As we attempt to design Catholic schools that will serve today the men and women for a Church and society of tomorrow, we hold the following commitments in high priority.

  • to the three-fold purpose of our schools as outlined in the American Bishops’ Pastoral, viz., to teach doctrine, to build community, to worship, and to serve.
  • to the constant examination and revitalization of the religious purposes of our schools.
  • to continue to design, encourage, and evaluate new models of education to meet the needs of a changing Church in a changing society.
  • to participate in the search for solutions to those evils within society which stem from unjust systems.

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“Faith in our God is at the center of what we do, and all that we are as Catholic educators. We form the hearts, we build the minds and we change the lives of those entrusted to our care, because of this conviction.”Sister Kathleen Carr, CSJSuperintendent of Schools