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Here is a guide to help parents select a Catholic school where your child will thrive. The guide contains suggestions that will you through the process of choosing the right school for your child and family.

National Standards

For easy access to all the National Standards:

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Curriculum Resources

Fine Arts | Language Arts | Languages | Library | Mathematics | Religion | Science | Social Studies  

Fine Arts


Language Arts

 The Children’s Literature Web Guide

 The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

 My Word A Day

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 Foreign Language lesson plans and resources

The Massachusetts Foreign Language Association


National Network for Early Language Learning

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 Librarian’s Index to the Internet

 National Archives and Records Administration

 The Internet Public Library

 Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenberg Counties

 Virtual Middle School Library

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 A+ Math

 Ask Dr. Math                                                                      

 Brain Teasers                                       

 Flash Cards for Kids                                                            

 Hotlist: Mathematics                                                    

 Math Archives K-12 Teaching Materials                                                                         

 Math in Daily Life

 Ole Miss Problems of the Week                 

 PBS Teacher Source

 Plus Magazine

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 United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 

  Church Documents

  Catholic Life

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 Science Learning Network

 Globe Program

 NASA Quest

 National Science Foundation

 Welcome to the Planets

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Social Studies

 The Key to US                                                        

 Social Studies School Service

 White House

 CNN Interactive

 National Geographic Society

 American Memory

 America’s Story

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Assessment Resources

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Assessment Page

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation  

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – Assessment and Rubric Information –

Rubrics 4 Teachers

Rubrics and Assessment for the Secondary Level

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